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Progressive Books 18313 Fingerpicking Guitar Book Free CD & DVD KPFCP

Progressive Books 18313


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Deals with all aspects of Fingerpicking guitar. Special emphasis on folk styles, arranging, patterns & techniques. Suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars, this book will give you a solid grounding in the fundamentals of fingerpicking.

Assumes a basic knowledge of notes and chords in the open position (first 3 frets) along with basic timing. All this information can be found in “Progressive Beginner Guitar Lessons” by Gary Turner.

Uses both Tab and standard music notation and features dynamic video and audio of all examples so you can see and hear both left and right hand parts of everything up close.



• Fundamentals of fingerpicking technique using the right hand thumb and fingers.

• Essential fingerpicking patterns used by the world’s greatest fingerpickers.

• How to apply picking patterns to any chord, chord progression or song.

• Song accompaniments and full length solos in a variety of styles including Folk, Pop, Blues, Ragtime, Country and World Music.

• Essential chord progressions which will enable you to play hundreds of songs.

• Expressive techniques such as slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs.

• Basic music theory as it applies to fingerpicking guitar.

Also features special sections on tuning, how to read sheet music, learning the notes on the entire guitar fretboard and using a capo.

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