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Tascam DA-3000 2-Channel Audio Recorder & AD/DA Converter

The Tascam DA-3000 is a high performance PCM/DSD master recorder with stereo recording of analog and digital signals at high sampling frequencies up to 192kHz PCM and 5.6MHz DSD suitable for archival masters. The unit can record to SDHC cards and UDMA supported CF cards. The DA-3000 has a variety of inputs and outputs to handle a diverse range of recording situations. This enables connection with all types of studio equipment including audio interfaces and mic preamps. The analog inputs and outputs both include XLR and RCA jacks whilst the digital connections include S/PDIF RCA coaxial and XLR jacks to support AES/EBU. The BNC SDIF-3 inputs and outputs support DSD digital connections. The upgraded user interface makes the system easier to use with all of the necessary controls included in the long, brightly lit meters and display. The 128x64 display allows you to check all the information quickly and the 24 dot level meters mean you can be confident of monitor levels at all times. DA-3000 as a ADDA Converter The DA-3000 has dual mono circuits that eliminate interference between left and right channels. Two high-quality mono circuits are built into the unit. The left/right channels each use one highly-acclaimed BurrBrown PCM1795 D/A converter chip. The TASCAM DA-45HR, which is still used in many studios, uses a dual mono structure with NE5532 ope amps and BurrBrown D/A converters. By using an equivalent output circuit structure including DA converters of even higher quality that support DSD, the DA-3000 provides a portable high-quality monitoring system. The internal circuit uses a fully balanced strucuture completely resistant to noise from inputs and outputs. This has a great effect on the output and input stage impacting the recorded audio. The input audio is digitalized by the BurrBrown PCM4202 ADC after it passes through the analog input circuit. Tascam did months of tests to select the high quality parts to go into the DA-3000. The NJM2114 and NE5532 and low impedance capacitors were chosen for low resistance, low noise and high precision audio quality. The fanless design of the DA-3000 means unwanted fan noise is eliminated whilst still maintaining a comfortable monitoring environment. In order to assure high-quality audio input and output, a stable power supply is indispensable. The EI core transformer incorporated into this unit has separate coils - one for the digital circuits and control panels and one for the analog circuits - making it possible to capture even higher-quality signals by suppressing noise. In addition, for the clock generator, Tascam have used a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) that boasts 1-ppm precision. Applications The DA-3000 has multiple applications, one of which is as a portable high quality monitoring system. Install the unit in a portable rack and you have reliable monitoring in any studio. You can connect it to a studio DAW and a high precision clock generator. In home studios you can achieve the same high level work efficiency by using digital connections like you would with a small studio interface. You can also use the Tascam DA-3000 as an AD Converter at the end of an analog mastering chain. The balanced, low noise circuitry and the high quality AD circuitry convert audio using analog EQs and compressors into digital signals without sound degradation. The system is also ideal for simultaneous master file recording using high sampling frequency PCM/DSD recording. At the same time that you record a PCM master file (16-bit/44.1kHz) in software using a DAW system, you can also make a high sampling frequency PCM/DSD recording by connecting the DA-3000 directly to an analog mixer. By capturing two types of digital master recordings, you'll be ready for any future post-recording needs. Using the DA-3000's clock precision, you can DSD multitrack record with multiple units. As the DA-3000 can record two mono files instead of a stereo file, 8 units could be used together for 16 tracks of recording. Connecting the COAXIAL jacks is the only necessary connection between the units. The Tascam DA-3000 can also be used as a DA Converter for a PA/SR Digital Console. If you connect the digital outputs of the console to the DA-3000 you can upgrade the hall sound to an even higher quality. The OEL display and high visibility level meters mean you can check the signal status easily in dim rooms.