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Serato FX Kit - Software (Serial Only)

Product Information:

iZotope Collaboration
Serato have teamed up with iZotope, who have developed a range of award-winning audio software and plug-ins for the music production world. Now, they’ve created a whole range of FX that can be used for DJing purposes.

Huge Range of DJ FX
You’ll get everything from simple to complex. There’s simple echoes, dubbed echoes, fade echoes, tape echoes, pitched echoes, multiple reverbs, and your classic autofilters.

There’s also a range of more complex FX that can completely transform your sound. You’ll find trippy, spacey, and rave infused effects including brake effects, pitch loopers, time stretch, time freeze, and noise sweeps too.

On top of that there’s also chip-tune type effects. You’ll be able to add glitch effects, tremolo, bit crusher, shifter lofi, flanger, and much more.

Single or Combined
You can either add FX in single mode or multi FX mode. Single FX mode lets you select one effect per FX unit, giving you multiple parameters for customising and adjusting that effect.

Multi FX mode allows to use combine and layer up to three effects per FX unit, and adjust only one parameter. This way you can adjust the FX depth for each one to create unique combinations. The effects are chained, so one feeds into the next.

List of Effects
Bit Crush
Brake Echo
Combo Fade Echo
Echo Out
Epic Reverb
Epic Verb Drop
Combo AutoFilter
Combo Tape Echo
Pitch Looper
Res HPF Auto
Res LPF Auto
Spiral Echo Down
Spiral Echo Up
Tape Echo
Time Freeze
Time Stretch
Twist Echo
Filter Dub Echo
Filter Gate
Noise Pulse
Shephard Filter
Space Verb
Space Verb Lift
Bass Ducker
Crush Echo
Noise Sweep
Noise Synth
Particle Delay
Pitch Delay
Shifter Lofi
Short Circuit
Side Delay
Spiral Flanger


Full range of Serato DJ FX
Delays, reverbs, glitch, gated, distortions, filters, pitch loopers, time stretch, and more
Run in single FX mode – with multiple parameters to adjust
Multi FX mode – select up to 3 effects per FX unit, create unique combinations