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Serato Flip - Software (Serial Only)

Product Information:

Save Multiple Edits for Tracks
Prepare and save tracks ready for any mixing transition. You can create up to six different flips per track, so you have them ready for any mixing situation. Create a version with longer intros and outros for easy mixing, or even create remixed half-time hip-hop versions of a house track to easily mix into the other genre.

Don’t worry, this won’t change your original track. You can always go back to the normal track when you need to. By creating multiple versions you can make your DJ sets unique with your own remixed versions.

Once you’ve created flips, you can quickly switch between them on the fly.

Remix on the Fly with a MIDI Controllers
All the Serato Flip controls are MIDI mappable. You can remap them to any third-party DJ/MIDI controller.

Flips Will Always be in Time
Flips will always be on the beat and in time. When you record and create a flip, you can also set it to loop. Loop snap will set the end of your custom edit on beat.


Serato DJ Pro expansion pack
Easily extend, shorten, edit, remix, or reshuffle a track
Record and playback cue points to create unique remixes of tracks
Create up to 6 flips, without copying over the original
All flip controls are MIDI mappable – can custom map your hardware to add dedicated Flip controls to any piece of kit
Quantised – Flips always stay in time
Can set Flip to loop