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Serato 12" Control Vinyl Pressing Lefto 'My Friends Make Music Too' (Pair)

Product Information:

2x12" Lefto x Serato pressing -“My Friends Make Music Too”
12’ Control Vinyl pressing for Serato DJ and Scratch Live using Serato’s NoiseMap™ Control Tone

Lefto is described by Fact! Mag as “your favourite dj’s favourite dj”, voted “Best DJ” at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards Top 100 Category; and is one of Europe’s most important tastemakers. “My Friends Make Music Too” is Lefto’s picks for DJs who don’t play the obvious bangers:


CID RIM - Convoi
HENRY WU - Uzbekki Driver (Uber tales)
ALLOY - Rumpin
MONO/POLY - Syrius B
LEFTO - Blaze
LTGL - Frost
And of course 2 sides of Serato Control Tone

Pressed using a unique process involving picture and colour vinyl - the record is as unique as the music. Cover by Oli-B