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NU-X DM-4 Digital Drum Kit

Product Information:

NUX DM-4 is designed as a professional electronic drum. It comes with built-in 232 types of French Dream ultra-realistic drum sound, a simple interface and customizable sound library. Featuring velocity-sensitive trigger, you can set parameters on drum pad triggers to ensure the best possible response to play. Along with built-in four types of drum coaches like Practice features including Quick Record/Quick Play, add effects and drum group functions, DM-4 is the best choice whether you are on stage or at home.


• Built-in 232 types of French Dream hyperreal drum modules
• Ultra-realistic touch response.
• 50 sets of drum sets 25 sets by default 25 sets of user settings. Customizable library.
• Easy installation and space-saving, secure stent can prevent crosstalk
• Supported by Jane operating system.
• USB ports, USB memory disk audio players and USB-MIDI
• Built-in Coach feature will help you to improve your drum skill.

Configuration: 1 x Module, 1 x 11'Snare, 3 x 9'Tom, 1 x 9'Kick, 2 x 12'Crash, 1 x 14'Ride, 1 x HIHAT Control, 1 x Kick Pedal
Interface: Headphone, USB MIDI, SD Card, AUX IN, DC Plugin
Power Supply: AC Adaptor (DC 9V)