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Morley M2 Mini Passive Volume Pedal

Product Information:

Simplicity and functionality is at the core of the M2 Mini Volume. Passive volume control means that you don’t need to power this pedal. At all! No semi-drained batteries or power adapter to worry about. Literally, the M2 Passive Volume is as simple as Plug & Play!


Passive Volume Operation – No battery or power adapter needed.
Smooth Volume Taper – Great for Volume control and Volume swells.
Compact by Nature – Perfect for crowded pedal boards.
Feed it Anything – Ready to take on guitar, bass, keyboards, etc.
Built to Last – Road-worthy, cold-rolled steel housing.
Dimensions – 6.76″ L x 4.5″ W x 2.75″ H
Current Draw – N/A (passive)