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Monster ClarityHD Headphones In Ear Bluetooth (White)

Product Information:

Advanced construction with reinforcement at critical stress points

Ergonomically designed, with multiple ear tips for a better fit
Won't fall out of your ears like other earbuds
Premium wireless Bluetooth sound quality at an incredible value
Superior noise isolation
In-line mic for clearer phone calls and music control
Extremely lightweight
Innovative battery design for 8+ hours of listening

Standard earbuds offer lackluster sound with uncomfortable hard plastic construction. Trash those generic models and step up to Monster’s thoughtfully designed, incredible-sounding ClarityHD high-performance earbuds for an affordable, exceptionally comfortable and sonically superior high-definition audio experience. You deserve this.

Better Build:

Experience the world-renowned craftsmanship of Monster headphones built for the real world.

Better Sound:

The Clarity HD offers outstanding sound and three ways to listen; either wireless Bluetooth with AptX, wired or Monster Pure Path™ direct digital Hi Res audio. In Addition, the audio experts at Monster have custom tuned two sound profiles to choose from for a phenomenal listening experience.

Better Comfort:

Lightweight materials, Ultra soft ear cushions and an ergonomically designed padded headband provide the maximum comfort for long listening sessions

Clearer Calls:

Monster Voice Through™ allows you to hear your own voice naturally during calls. Advanced digital eco suppression, reduces unwanted sound, and the high intelligibility mic ensures crystal clear calls.

Cooler Tech:

Cutting-edge touch Swipe Controls for play/pause, tracking, and volume, and answering calls without buttons. With a long battery life you can listen to music day and night, with over 24 hours of listening time, and a Low battery warning tone, lets you know when it’s time to charge.