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Marshall MG412BG Guitar Cabinet Straight 4x12inch Speaker Cab GOLD SERIES

Product Information:

Build Yourself a Full Marshall StackBuild Yourself a Full Marshall Stack

The Marshall MG412BG and your MG100HGFX head are a match made in heaven. Four Celestion G12-412MG speakers serve up a muscular British sound with open cleans, brutal crunch, and singing leads. Your MG100HGFX will love this cabinet — it resonates with full lows, creamy mids, and chiming highs. Complete with the iconic Marshall logo, the versatile MG412BG is suitable for any style of music.

The G12-412MG is a classic-sounding Celestion with epic power handling

Celestion's G12-412MG gives you classic British tone, with enough power handling for today's powerhouse amps. In the 1960s, Celestion's original Greenback speakers helped shape generations of guitar tone and became a staple of modern music. With its warmth and distinctive growl, the G12-412MG serves up the essence of British guitar tone, with low-end grunt complementing its warm mids, crunchy upper-mids, and sweet highs. When we're searching for the definitive Celestion sound here at Sweetwater, we reach for the G12-412MG.




Marshall MG412BG Features:

4 x 12" extension cabinet voiced for MG100HGFX heads

Pair with an MG412AG angled cab to build a full stack

Celestion G12-412MG speakers yield a muscular British sound with open cleans, brutal crunch, and singing leads

Resonates with full lows, creamy mids, and chiming highsSuitable for any style of music

Features the iconic Marshall logo


Tech Specs:

Configuration: 4 x 12"

Speakers: 12" Celestion G12-412MG speaker

Power Handling: 120W RMS

Impedance: 8 ohmsMono/Stereo: Mono

Cabinet Type: Straight

Open/Closed Back: Closed

Inputs: 1 x 1/4"

Manufacturer Part Number: M-MG412BG-U