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Blue Mic Robbie Class-A Discrete Tube Mic & Instrument Preamp

Product Information

Blue Microphones Robbie the Mic Pre - Class A Discrete Tube Microphone and Instrument Preamp

A Blue Class-A Preamp For You

Because of its retro-futuristic look, Robbie The Mic Pre was named for Robbie The Robot from the old science fiction movie, Forbidden Planet. But that's where the similarity ends. Robbie is BLUE's new Class A discrete tube microphone and instrument preamp, incorporating all of the technical quality and design innovation that goes into BLUE's award-winning microphones.

BLUE Robbie the Mic Pre at a Glance:

  • One of the quietest tube preamps ever!
  • Super-simple controls with pad and phantom power
  • Unique design and shape but still rackable

One of the quietest tube preamps ever!
With no ICs and only the highest quality discrete components, Robbie is one of the quietest (-131 dB EIN @ 50 ohms) and most detailed (THD 0.006%) tube preamps we've heard. It features audiophile-grade ultra low-noise metal film resistors and polystyrene capacitors, and provides you with the best of solid-state and tube technology: an electronically balanced, fully discrete input stage, a tube gain stage (ECC88 twin triode), and an electronically balanced solid-state output stage. There is no switching crossover distortion anywhere in the completely balanced audio signal path. And if that's not enough, Robbie achieves an amazing 34dB headroom before clipping!

Super-simple controls with pad and phantom power
Robbie's front panel features only a large backlit potentiometer (gain) and 1/4" hi-Z instrument input. On the back of Robbie, you'll find the power cable input, power switch, balanced XLR mic input, balanced XLR line output, polarity switch, -20dB pad, input selector switch (mic/instrument), and phantom power on/off.

Unique design and shape but still rackable
Shortly after Robbie's arrival (on this planet), BLUE created a special optional shelf for those who wish to rackmount the uniquely-shaped Robbie. Racked or not, Robbie is receiving rave reviews!

BLUE Robbie the Mic Pre Features:

  • Single-channel tube mic/instrument preamp
  • 10Hz-100kHz frequency response
  • Discrete Class A architecture with no ICs
  • Super-quiet, with extremely low THD
  • 34dB headroom

Robbie is an astonishingly great tube preamp!


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