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Blackstar ARTISAN 100 HandWired Guitar Amplifier Head 100w Valve Amp

Product Information:

The Artisan 100 takes the boutique 100W design to a whole new level of flexibility. The Voice control is a timeline which chronicles the evolution of the genre from the earliest American designs through to British designs of the '60s and '70s. This is achieved by switching the preamplifier voicing and power amplifier damping simultaneously.

100W head
4 x EL34 output valves
4-way Voice switch charts the timeline of 100W designs
Hi and Lo inputs perfect for channel blending
Impedance selector


Each Artisan amplifier is designed to offer the widest range of classic vintage and boutique tones to the highest possible sonic standard. This is achieved by the design of electronics circuits that work in harmony with the finest components and materials available. All the designs are simple in their operation and yet deceptively flexible in their functionality.


The traditional control layout is hugely enhanced by the addition of the unique Voice control. By altering both preamplifier and power amplifier characteristics, the 4-position Voice control will take the player on a journey through the evolution of classic guitar amplifier tone, from the earliest American designs through to the British amplifier invasion of the late '60s.


The Artisan's topology allows the blending of the two channels. By paralleling the guitar connection to the inputs of Channel 1 and Channel 2 endless tonal variations can be explored. Use the hi input if you wish to achieve power amplifier break-up and overdrive. Use the lo input if you wish the amplifier to remain clean (this is especially useful if the guitar used has high output pick-ups).


The control matches the amplifier's impedance to that of the connected speakers. Always ensure that the selected impedance matches that of the internal and/or external speaker cabinets. (if combo). The Artisan's (combo only) internal speaker is 16 Ohms, so when used by itself the Impedance Selector must be set to 16 Ohms. If an additional 16 Ohm speaker cabinet is used together with the internal speaker the Impedance Selector should be set to 8 Ohms. A speaker cabinet of less than 16 Ohms should not be used together with the internal speaker. (show diagram of the speakers possible)


The Artisan range represents quality. This is reflected in the fact that the amplifier uses a welded steel chassis for strength and durability as well as overall quality.


Product Range Artisan Series
Model Artisan 100
Technology Type Valve
Preamp Valves ECC83, EF86
Poweramp Valves 4 x EL34
Wattage 100
Inputs Hi Input, Low Input for each channel
Channels 2 - Channel 1 – The ECC83, Channel 2 – The EF86 Channel
Weight 23KG
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 741 x 300 x 227 (mm)