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Behringer WB210 Black Wall Mount Bracket For B210

Black Wall Mount Bracket for EUROLIVE B208 Series Speakers

* Wall mount bracket for EUROLIVE B208 series speakers
* Heavy-duty steel construction
* Designed for indoor use only
* Exceptionally rugged construction ensures long life
* Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

Elevate your B208D or B208D-WH with our wall-mount brackets, which are specially designed to secure these outstanding speaker systems to the wall of virtually any indoor environment.

These heavy-duty steel brackets are ideal for installation in theaters, churches, restaurants, etc. A built-in swivel lets you aim the loudspeaker across a wide 180° axis, so you can put the sound where you want it. As stylish as they are functional, WB208 wall-mount brackets are available in your choice of black (WB208) or white (WB208-WH).

A certified structural engineer, experienced in suspending items, should be consulted prior to installation.