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Marshall MG4 MG101FX Cover

Marshall MG101FX Cover


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The 1x12 Marshall MG101FX is a 100W combo amp with 4 programmable channels, awesome analog tone, adjustable FX, and more amazing features. Now at your disposal is a separate digital Delay, meaning that a total of 3 custom-voiced FX can be combined at once—Reverb, Modulation (Chorus/Phaser/Flanger), and Delay—creating near-endless FX possibilities. What's more, the Reverb and Delay FX decay naturally when switching between channels for a truly fluid performance. If you want to add extra pedals and/or rack effects, you can make use of the amp's switchable External FX.

Set in series and at instrument level, this send and return system is suitable for both guitar and professional units alike. Also present in the MG101FX amp is Marshall's custom power-amp damping circuitry. Switch effortlessly between the feel of a classic power amp, with the emphasis on middle, and that of boosted speaker resonance in both bass and treble frequency ranges, magnifying the response and projection of your tone. All the above are switchable via the front panel and/or the included programmable MG Footcontroller, affording you complete control.

You'll also find that the Headphone socket on this top-tier Marshall MG doubles as a very handy Line Out, ideal for sending your jaw-dropping solos to any external unit you wish—a computer, digital recorder, or PA system, for example. As with the use of headphones, the amp's speaker is muted, allowing for silent recording. Output can then be directly monitored from the external equipment being used.


  • 100W
  • 1 x 12" speaker
  • 4 programmable channels
  • Adjustable FX
  • Separate digital Delay
  • External FX
  • Custom power-amp damping circuitry
  • Compatible with Marshall Stompware footcontroller (not included)
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Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Marshall