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Light Emotion


Antari Heavy Fog Fluid Liquid 1 Litre For Smoke Machine - FLH1

Product Information:

Yes, you can get fog in a bottle!

Designed for use in your Antari Fog Machine, this fluid pumps out as high quality and long-lasting fog, to help set just the right mood for your party or event. The Heavy Fog Fluid is unscented, non-toxic and non-flammable, and formulated for a long-lasting hang time to get the best value from the atmosphere. The fog works particularly well as a backdrop to lightshows and LED effects as it swirls and flows – or you can just dance your way through the mist.

It's environmentally friendly, with no mess afterwards either - the fluid not leaving the oily residue of many such products. Economical in its litre bottle, this Fog Fluid will keep your head in the clouds for good length of time.


Heavy fog fluid
Create a cool atmosphere at your next event of function
Unscented, environmentally friendly
Designed to be used with your Antari fog machine
Safe, non-toxic, non irritant, non flammable
Leaves no oily residue
Contents: 1 Litre
Model: FLG-1
Brand: Antari
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