Live sound sometimes seems like a wild, uncaged animal—very hard to control. With the SRM Series Portable Active Loudspeakers, Mackie have come up with the technology to help tame the beast, so you could focus on your performance, instead of being distracted by constant EQ and level tweaks. 

Now, with the SRM450v2, live sound is whipped completely into submission, giving you more control over your shows than ever. Thanks to its all-new design (from adding new amps and transducers to a new lightweight power supply) the SRM450v2 surpasses the performance of the original SRM450 to deliver pure studio monitor sound at more powerful, full-on loudspeaker levels.

At Belfield Music we've kept the SRM450v2 affordable. Even though the SRM450v2 is a complete redesign from inside out, we have retained the musician friendly price tag. (Read more...)

2x Mackie SRM450v2 : $1,395

1x Mackie SRM450v2 : $699