Ernie Ball's new Paradigm strings might take you by surprise, with the subtle and devious way they have evolved from the standard Slinky range. Put them on your electric, or acoustic, and your first instinct, your first reaction will be “well these sound exactly the same!”

And while that might seem disappointing, or boring, that’s EXACTLY what they were hoping you’d say.

The new Ernie Ball Paradigm strings have been carefully developed with state-of-the-art wire drawing and sci-fi plasma-enhanced wrap wire to make a string that is almost unbreakable, and believe me, it is. You can hang your guitar by its tremolo arm, smash your strings like Townsend, and somehow, somehow they don’t even flinch. They’re invincible. Almost.

And somehow, despite the layers of science bordering on magic, they still sound exactly the same.