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ESP E-II Standard Series Eclipse BB Electric Guitar Black Satin - E2-EC2BBBLKSS

Wednesday, 5 September 2018 10:59:01 AM Australia/Sydney

And eventually, as the evening sun painted the festival in hues of soft lavender, the Main Stage’s lamps were lit, and the whole world seemed to whisper excitedly in anticipation.

She took my arm, laughing, and with a gentle pull, led our friends to the front, her hair catching the light from the fireside, and making her seem to glow from within.

As the band members took the stage, the audience responded with a roar that seemed to come from everywhere at once, a primal, heartfelt salute. 

They strode out, confident, casual, and with an easy charm that made them seem taller, brighter, more real than a human being had any right to be, and from the first note to ring in the night sky, my eyes - like everybody’s - were mesmerised, glued to the guitarist, who seemed to hypnotise the audience, his satin black guitar both sinister and strong, had been outlined in a thick, bold silver, that caught the light like a fallen star, held captive in his long fingers.

Before I knew it, the night was over, and we were walking the long walk back to reality, satisfied and exhausted, recounting our highlights from the night, and crowing about the history that we had been miraculously lucky enough to witness. I, however, still had a fallen star in my eyes, and all I could see when I closed my eyes was dazzling and bright.

The ESP Eclipse guitar has been a part of history for years now, and it’s sound in rock music is both familiar and crucial - searingly powerful EMG 60/81 pickups, a light, contoured mahogany body, an incredible set-through neck heel that seems to easily draw the hand up the fretboard, and high-end Gotoh locking tuners, bridge, and tailpiece, with Schaller strap locks as standard, the E-II Eclipse ‘Bold Binding’ has been lovingly handcrafted in ESP Japan’s Tokyo factory to be visually striking, stunning, and unforgettable, and so far, it’s absolutely lived up to its name.

Come in store and see for yourself

Check it out here

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Aimee Hannan Comes to visit

Monday, 14 May 2018 3:45:34 PM Australia/Sydney

We’ve just had an exciting visit from a face we recognised straight away: The Voice top 50 contestant Aimee Hannan is booking in a long run of shows, and we’ve made sure to set her up with everything she needs to turn heads and rock some socks off.

Aimee has been turning heads and has a huge list of accolades behind her - two Barry Thornton Encouragement awards, the Capital Country Music Association, the World Star Quest and extensive training at the CMAA Country Music Academy and much, much more. She’s had a busy slew of gigs, and is showing no signs of slowing down, with her debut album and long list of upcoming gigs available on her website, aimeehannan.com.au 

If you haven’t already heard of and been impressed by her hard work and talent, definitely give her a listen!

Instgram: @aimeehannan

Facebook: Aimee Hannan Music

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Blackstar Announces Unity Series of Bass Amps

Friday, 6 April 2018 4:22:50 PM Australia/Sydney

“How many times does an angel fall?” - David Bowie, ‘Blackstar’

Blackstar Amps are rising up, and every time they do, they change, grow, and evolve, like some many-headed hydra.

Do you know what the most requested item in Blackstar Amplification’s history has been? It’s none of their award winning amps, none of the HT valve-driven pedals, or even the ridiculously amazing sounding Fly-3 battery-powered portable amps. It’s bass amplifiers. 10 years of making waves and turning heads in the guitar scene, and still what they hear the most talk about is how much the bass-playing community wants to be a part of the Blackstar movement. And it’s no surprise that when Blackstar descends from the heavens and answers their prayers, it’s changing things forever.

The UNITY bass series comes from an infinity of time spent carefully researching a long range of historic and iconic bass amplifiers, technical data, and player requirements, and the end result is powerful, dynamic, and detailed, with the ability to move and blend between three classic power amp stages, and three unique preamp voicings, through its Response control and phenomenally sensitive and responsive 3 band parametric EQ, and will give a huge range of shape and contour to your tone with just the slightest adjustments.

Finally, they have released an ACTIVE speaker cabinet, which can be linked up to any amp in the Unity range, and will add an additional 250w of power and pressure! Such an obvious and useful idea, that I almost never come across in the wild, you’re going to find that the Unity range really changes your outlook on bass amps, and your ability to perform with them!


Get your Pre-Orders in Now: Check Out The Range

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AMEB Study & Examination Books - Now In Stock

Friday, 23 March 2018 10:29:44 AM Australia/Sydney

You’re sitting at the bar, firelight flickering across your handsome, roguish features, as you laugh and regale your comrades with the tales of your heroic derring-do;

“..and as the guards tried to follow me across the rooftop, the clumsy oaf cracked through the skylight, and sent me tumbling three stories right onto the pianist in the centre of the governor’s celebrations!”

(you pause for drama, as their eyes go wide)

“..Thankfully, I’m an expert and accomplished piano player, as well as rakish playboy philanthropist jet-setter, and the Governor’s party went off without a hitch!”

As you laugh charmingly, however, Big Eric sneers down from behind an unwashed beard, and says ‘Oh Yeah? Prove it.

And now you can!

AMEB board of musical examination and education is not just a well rounded and useful pathway for education and growth as a musician, it’s also a great way to test yourself, measure your abilities, and have written, empirically tested proof of just how much you’ve changed, just how good you’ve gotten, and just how far you’ve come! 

Belfield Music is now selling the AMEB series of exam, study, and syllabus books in a wide range of instruments and courses, and is taking orders and special orders already!

Don’t be caught out next time you’re called into doubt! grab an AMEB course, and find out if you’ve really got What It Takes!!

Click to see the AMEB Range, if you book your after is not here send us a message and we will get it in for you as well. 

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Fender California series - Now In Stock

Wednesday, 21 March 2018 3:32:36 PM Australia/Sydney

Close your eyes. Metaphorically. You won’t be able to read this, if you do.

Picture California, in the 60s. Fender’s California. 

The warmth of that bright, shining sun, the cool, sparkling waves - sandy beaches, green grass, bright laughter; the colours all so vivid and bright its like you could almost reach out and touch it.

Look closer - that girl on the promenade, the sun making a halo of her curls. What is that colourful guitar she’s playing? It seems familiar, from way back. Did the Beach Boys play that? I’m not sure.

Now open your eyes, and look down. Not at your lap, but at the pictures in this post. Pictures of a beautiful, colourful guitar so vivid and bright its like you could almost reach out and touch it.

That guitar is the new Fender California series, and it’s just gorgeous. A beautiful, bold range of classic guitar shapes - Fender’s original four acoustic shapes, in fact, in some gorgeous, retro colours, that are embracing the energy, colour, and life of the Californian culture, and in a range of sizes, slim and petite to robust and rich, and these trademark and uniquely Fender guitars sound different to everything else on the market, and bring something unique and exciting to guitarists on the verandah, the street OR the stage

Check out the range

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Blackstar Core Essesntials - BEAM

Friday, 16 March 2018 4:50:00 PM Australia/Sydney

Brave Echidna Attacks Military. Nope.

Bread Eventually Attracts Mould. Nope.

Bear Escapes Art Museum. Nuh-uh.

Breakfast Eats A Man. Couldn't be.

Bass. Electric. Acoustic. Media.      Sounds right? You're damn right it does.

The BlackStar Amplification's ID CORE: BEAM is the Swiss Army Knife of guitar amps.

It's loaded with weaponry and equipment to cope with any conceivable situation

- it's got effects, delays, reverbs, chorus, phasers, flangers, tremolos, it's got different amp voices, different types of cleans, crunches, overdrives, and lead channels, it's got an acoustic simulator, but more than that, it's got the unique ability to entirely transform, like some kind of 'transform-er' into a Bass Guitar amplifier, or an Acoustic Guitar amplifier, and this completely re-works its drivers and EQ and processing to suit that entirely different type of instrument. It'll even offer you an entirely different range of effects to suit!

Not to mention that it's EQ'd to be a phenomenal multimedia device, and uses Blackstar's patented 'SuperWide Stereo' technology to really fill the room with crystal clear hi-fi quality audio!

No matter your needs, this amp is the amp for you - and remember

Be Everything And More.

Buy Now

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Blackstar FLY Limited Edition - Vintage

Monday, 12 March 2018 9:00:49 PM Australia/Sydney

What ho, old bean?

Why, do my peppery peepers deceive me, or has yonder amplification doodad turned an attractive and revitalising vintage sepia tone?

Believe you me, for this is no collection of flapdoodle and fiddle-faddle, but a hotsy-totsy choice bit of calico with which to grace the musical stages and halls of the ages.

Do yourselves the indulgence of getting out of your petting pantries and spend a few wooden pennies on the investment of a lifetime!

Blackstar Amplification's luxury and genuine patented bonafide cure-all wonder-tonic! Turn your old suede shoes into Rhythm And Blues! Turn your lumps of coal into rock and roll! Treat yourself to the sound that has the man on the street tapping his feet! That sounds like berries to me!

It's Blackstar Amplification's new Vintage Fly3 Bluetooth Amplifiers! On sale now, and through the miraculous wonders of the internet!

Now you're on the trolley!

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Ernie Ball 40th Anniversary Volume Pedal

Friday, 9 March 2018 1:12:23 PM Australia/Sydney

1978 was a heck of a year. the Space Invaders video game sweeps the world. Saturday Night Fever and Grease are released, to worldwide success.

The first Garfield strip. The first test tube baby. And a string company called Ernie Ball released their first Volume Pedal, which changed history. the volume swell, the violin effect, the fade out, so many crucial and subtle ways of shaping each note and glittering chord you play, so many ways of making your playing creative, expressive and emotional, all come from the Volume Pedal, which has become as much a part of a guitarists’ set-up as a wah pedal, an overdrive or even his guitar.

And now, 40 years later, they’re releasing an updated, limited-edition 40th Anniversary model, and it’s a beauty. Rugged, reinforced Slate-Black metal chassis, tuner input, output to use as an expression pedal, amazing sensitive torque and rotation thanks to a hi-tech Kevlar roping system, and an internal switch to give the high side of the volume swell just a slight brightness to the treble, to really bring a bit of sparkle and life to your playing.

It’s as simple, reliable, and useful as ever, but now, it’s even more so.

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All New Fender Squier Contemporary

Monday, 5 March 2018 11:24:24 AM Australia/Sydney

The All New Fender Squier Contemporary range are here, and they look great.

Squier have released a new series based on and paying tribute to the groundbreaking 80s Japanese-built ‘Contemporary Super Strat’ series, and built for heavy metal guitarists, musical acrobats, improvisational gymnasts, and other players looking for fast playability and rich, heavy tones

The range is already quite diverse, with stratocasters AND telecasters focussing on dual humbucker, active humbuckers, and ceramic single coils working with floyd rose bridges, flat 12” radius necks to race across, jumbo frets for slick, easy bending and vibrato, and dark, powerful colours like Dark Red Metallic, Black Metallic, and Pearl White.

Shop the Range

If you have any questions email admin@belfieldmusic.com.au or call us on 1300 00 77 26

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Fender Announces New Pedal Range

Friday, 23 February 2018 11:10:51 AM Australia/Sydney

NAMM Show 2018 has given us another huge shakeup to the guitarist’s landscape, with Fender (a brand you may have heard of dominating the electric guitar scene, and shaping rock, blues, and all other contemporary music as we know it), with THAT fender, releasing a serious, and professional range of guitar pedals covering all the most important food groups:

The great Level Set Buffer (with level, Hi-Freq trim, passive/active load, and mute); 
’The Bends’ - a compressor with clever recovery-time adjust, and wet/dry blend; 
The Santa Ana overdrive pedal, which runs FET technology, has British and US voicing modes and responds amazingly to a guitar’s volume control;
The Pugilist, dual distortion, with gain stage layering, bass boost, and ability to blend in clean signal, to bring out the clarity of attack tone
The Mirror Image delay, which has delay tails continuing after the pedal is bypassed - something I’ve never heard of in ANY other delay pedal
and the Marine Layer reverb, with rich shimmer atmospheres, as well as hall and room, and a Reverb-tail carry-over, as well

These all are built to a quality and standard that does an already-legendary brand proud, and are destined to become an irreplaceable part of every guitarist’s collection.

CHeck out the range: http://www.belfieldmusic.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=fender+pedal+023453

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