How To Arrange Your Pedalboard? Answer by Daniel @ Belfield Music

This might be something you already know about, or it might not, but there’s a pretty well established order to how you string your pedals together - it’ll be debatable whether it’s the “right” order, because it’s definitely not the ONLY way you can do things, but it’s definitely the standard way, and usually has the best results.

There’s a pretty well-known mnemonic sentence to help learn about this: “Trust Which Chain Of Effect Pedals Make Life Easier - Really.”

This stands for:

Tuner - Wah - Compression - Overdrive - Equalizer - Pitch - Modulation - Level - Echo - Reverb

There’s going to be times you want to do it differently, but lets look at why this is normally the best way to set a pedal-board up.

Any questions or anything you want us to cover please let us know.