Kiss has been a hard rock band for over 40 years now. They formed in 1973 in New York City. Their members include Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss, as well as several other members who came and went over the years. Although their fans might think they know everything there is to know about the band, they might not know everything yet. Here are 10 crazy facts you didn’t know about Kiss.


10 – Katey Sagal was a backup singer for Gene Simmons


During Gene Simmons solo album and before she became known as Peggy on “Married With Children,” Katey Sagal was a backup singer for Gene. This was short lived and it was called, “The Band with no Name.” It was recorded by Casablanca Records which was Kiss’ label at the time. She was basically a backup singer back then because she also sang backup for Tanya Tucker, Molly Hatchett, Bette Midler, Olivia Newton John, Bob Dylan, and Etta James.



9 – Kiss played as a trio twice


There were a couple of times when the band only had three members to play. On January 28, 1982, Ace was almost out of the band entirely. When this happened, they had to play as a trio. The second time happened when Paul was hospitalized and the band had a concert they had to do anyway. So, three of them went on their own and did the concert without Paul. This was the first time Paul had ever missed a concert in his 34 years of being with Kiss.



8 – Paul Stanley changed his image once



While the rest of the group all dressed the same for their concerts, Paul decided to try something new one time. The first time he tried it, he looked like a raccoon. So, he tried again and when he did, this one looked a little better with diamonds around his eyes in black. However, it didn’t last long and he went back to looking like Kiss again.



7 – Only two members played with the band with their original names


Only two members out of all of the 10 total members who were in Kiss throughout the years played with their birth names. These members include Bruce Kulick and Tommy Thayer. The remaining 8 members all used different names instead of their birth names.



6 – Paul Stanley actually wrote “God Of Thunder”



Although this is Gene Simmons’ signature song, Paul Stanley actually wrote it. When Gene would perform this song, he would spit blood and be hoisted above the stage with hidden wires. However, Paul wrote the song because he wanted to prove that he was just as dark as Gene.



5 – Eric Carr died from Heart Cancer



He actually died during the same time Freddy Mercury from the band Queen died. However, Eric died from Heart Cancer in 1991. Eric was a real dedicated member of the band from the time he started with the band in 1980.


4 – Bryan Adams co-wrote two songs for Kiss


In 1982, Bryan Adams and his songwriting partner, Jim Vallance were approached by producer, Michael James Jackson and he asked them if they could contribute any new material to the group. Between the two, they wrote the songs, “Rock and Roll Hell” and “War Machine” for the band.


3 – Before joining Kiss, Vinnie Vincent was a songwriter for TV



Before Vinnie Vincent joined Kiss, he was a songwriter for television. Many of the band members held interesting jobs before joining the group. However, Vinnie Vincent’s was probably the most interesting since he wrote songs for TV. The show he wrote songs for was none other than, “Happy Days.” During the last two seasons of the show, he wrote every song Joanie and Chachi sang together.



2 – There were 6 album covers that featured members who barely played for the band



Although the album “Dynasty” which was made in 1979, featured Peter Criss on the cover with the rest of the members, he didn’t do much for that album. He played the drums for one of the songs which was called, “Dirty Livin.” The rest of the drumming for the album was performed by Anton Fig who didn’t even get credit for it. The following year, Peter was featured on their next album, “Unmasked” and he didn’t play for the group one time during that album. Ace Frehley was featured on two album covers including “Creatures of the Night” and “Killers” and didn’t play on either one. When Kiss reissued “Creatures of the Night” in 1985, he featured the new guitarist, Bruce Kulick who didn’t even play for the band when the album was released. Next up was “Psycho Circus” and their “reunion” album which featured both Peter and Ace and neither of them played on these albums much, just played a few songs for the band. A little confusing.




1 – Their logo had to be modified for use in Germany



Ace Frehley designed their first logo in 1973. However, in Germany another group had the same logo, using the lightning bolt style SS, so Kiss their logo. Good idea!

These are just a few crazy facts about Kiss. Do you know anything else about the hard rock band?